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CAD Work from Home

Part one article on CAD work from home jobs.

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AutoCAD Fonts

Is there a font that gives a clear definition between a capital O and the number 0? I use both in serial numbers of items and it would be helpful if a

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Free AutoCAD Hatch Patterns

Great resource for downloading free AutoCAD hatch patterns.

Continue reading "Free AutoCAD Hatch Patterns"

Free Fashion Design Software

Download these free fashion design software programs that will help you create clothing, garments and a wide range of accessories.

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Create Your Own Website Online

Learn how to create your own website online to sell your services, products or information.

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Custom cabin coop

We started out with a chicken showing up in our front yard we feed it and it started laying eggs so I decided to build a coop for it I ended up going all

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5 Simple 8X12 Shed Plans

5 easy to use 8X12 shed plans. How to use free blueprints to construct your very own storage shed.

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Command ribbon for Autocad Lt 2014 version disappeared.

Friend was using my program and in the process somehow removed the command ribbon. Can now only get generic command ribbons from earlier versions... any

Continue reading "Command ribbon for Autocad Lt 2014 version disappeared. "

Save a drawing as another drawing

Something happened to my drawings as I am unable to use the command save as. If I open up my autocad that works fine but when I go to the file command

Continue reading "Save a drawing as another drawing"

Autocad release 2016; Browse Box

At the Open, Save as or Wblock command; AutoCAD won't open the browse box. Meaning I have to type in the whole path required. This has recently occurred;

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AutoCAD Free Download

Get the latest version of the number one CAD software with an AutoCAD free download.

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Contract AutoCAD Drafter Jobs - Getting Paid What You Are Worth

When you first set out to become a CAD freelancer, and are looking for AutoCAD drafter jobs with new clients, it is always a smart idea to...

Continue reading "Contract AutoCAD Drafter Jobs - Getting Paid What You Are Worth"

21 Essential Architectural Symbols Everyone Should Know About

Learn how to read and understand what architectural symbols on drafting blueprints mean.

Continue reading "21 Essential Architectural Symbols Everyone Should Know About"

Digital Fashion Pro

Simply put, I have been trying to find a way to buy DFP for years. Every time I'm close it seems like something happens and all that money has to go somewhere

Continue reading "Digital Fashion Pro"

Converting Lines Into Polygons

How do you convert individual lines (such as a rectangle) into a polygon?

Continue reading "Converting Lines Into Polygons"

open file

When I click on The A at top left hand corner, looking to open a file from the window explorer menu with all my computer files, it does not pop up, instead

Continue reading "open file"

AutoCAD Settings Changed How to Restore

For some reason when I choose save as rather than the window popping up - the command line now asks me to choose the format and name the drawing. The

Continue reading "AutoCAD Settings Changed How to Restore"

Copying in Furniture with Attributues

When I copy and paste any AutoCAD furniture with attributes from another drawing or from a website, the attributes come in as large X's all over the furniture.

Continue reading "Copying in Furniture with Attributues"

Curser crosshair settings

I was watching a YouTube video and the instructor had his curser set to do what I'm calling a red explosion after every click. After he would click his

Continue reading "Curser crosshair settings"

Snap settings?

I installed windows 7 and re-installed my Autocad10. When drawing a line or moving the aperture in paper or model space it has a jerky motion to it.

Continue reading "Snap settings?"

Relayering AutoCAD Drawings

Relayering AutoCAD drawings is the best way to save a lot of time redrawing a CAD file from scratch, and in a fraction of the time.

Continue reading "Relayering AutoCAD Drawings"

Free Trailer Plans

We've developed this page of free trailer plans resources to give you a list of sites containing various types of trailer plan sketches, drawings, pictures and "how to's" for do it yourselfers.

Continue reading "Free Trailer Plans"

insert a space in title block tab

How do I insert a space in the text of a title block tab (autocad 2004)?

Continue reading "insert a space in title block tab"

Unable to use icons in menu bar

The menu bar icons do not work on one of our machines, however, you can type in the command an get results. How can I turn the icons back on so they will

Continue reading "Unable to use icons in menu bar"

A Simple DXF Reader, Free from Google Docs

Sharing AutoCAD drawings with your clients has become a little easier with the free dxf reader now included in Google Docs.

Continue reading "A Simple DXF Reader, Free from Google Docs"

Best CAD Software Reviews

Unbiased reviews of the best CAD software used by drafters and designers.

Continue reading "Best CAD Software Reviews"

Free Landscape Design Software

Find the best free landscape design software to use for your backyard project.

Continue reading "Free Landscape Design Software"

How to Build a Chicken Coop

Learn how to build a chicken coop using the proper plans, materials and tools.

Continue reading "How to Build a Chicken Coop"

AutoCAD MEP 2015 HVAC Duct Disappeared on Drawing!

Has anyone ever experienced this issue? After finishing the duct runs for a project, using the MEP tool palette, I started to create section cuts utilizing

Continue reading "AutoCAD MEP 2015 HVAC Duct Disappeared on Drawing!"

2016 AutoCAD problem

In AutoCAD 2016, when I draw a line, circle or anything else it leaves some kind of a tracer or shadow. Not sure how to turn it off.

Continue reading "2016 AutoCAD problem"

Annotation Scale Issues With AutoCAD

Hi, I have never posted before but use these all the time. Essentially, in every drawing I open, if I click on an existing block/room tag etc., then

Continue reading "Annotation Scale Issues With AutoCAD"

Become a CAD Freelancer and Work for Yourself

Discover the tools of the trade you will need to become a CAD freelancer.

Continue reading "Become a CAD Freelancer and Work for Yourself"

Making Dimension and Text Styles Current

Generally we can make a layer current by using the make object's layer current tool pallet. Are there any commands to make the dimension style & text

Continue reading "Making Dimension and Text Styles Current"

CAD Drafter Jobs

How to start a profitable home based CAD business that attracts tons of CAD drafter jobs.

Continue reading "CAD Drafter Jobs"

37 Free Pole Barn Plans that Save You Money

Looking for a set of free pole barn plans? Now you can build a pole barn even if you're not a contractor.

Continue reading "37 Free Pole Barn Plans that Save You Money"

Garden Shed Building Plans

Free do it yourself garden shed building plans for the perfect backyard design.

Continue reading "Garden Shed Building Plans"

Free CAD Software

Free CAD software downloads available for your use.

Continue reading "Free CAD Software"


Why does my linetype with letters in it come one the screen small. I have tried to change linetype scale nothing changes. Please help, thanks. Working

Continue reading "Linetype"

Non-Coplanar Lines

When trying to fillet some lines in a drawing, I keep getting the response in the command line lines are non-coplanar. I also tried new lines from pick

Continue reading "Non-Coplanar Lines"

1/2" Snap Lock in Paper Space

Why do I have a half inch snap lock in paper space? It only occurs when I try to Move or Draw something in paper space...its vary strange as I've never

Continue reading "1/2" Snap Lock in Paper Space"

Hatch Pattern Invisible in Layout

I have a drawing in which there are BHATCH patterns with scale of 0.3, a transparency set 0, and color to 8. When I try to export PDF for all the layouts,

Continue reading "Hatch Pattern Invisible in Layout"

Printing from an AutoCAD Generated PDF

In AutoCad 2012 the line weights default is 20. When I make a PDF and send it to a third party to print 36”x42” it is all pixelated and cannot read.

Continue reading "Printing from an AutoCAD Generated PDF"

Need to bring to front Image in paperspace

I placed some images in a paperspace layout and when I print the PNG file you can see the image and the layout overlapped instead of the image only, and

Continue reading "Need to bring to front Image in paperspace"

Won't Zoom in all the way to my drawing

I've opened a drawing that has been worked on previously and CAD is currently not allowing me to zoom in all the way so that I can get to my drawing.

Continue reading "Won't Zoom in all the way to my drawing"

Xref Issue

I'm using acad 2015. When I create a drawing using xrefs all is well until a few weeks or a month goes by, when I open the drawing I only see the layout

Continue reading "Xref Issue"

Digital Fashion Pro

I am a Textiles teacher working in a Catholic school in Armidale NSW, Australia. Don't know whether you can help me but I am looking for a simple fashion

Continue reading "Digital Fashion Pro"

Autocad License Missing

Hi, I am Azaree who is a new Admin Manager for an Electrical company. An Administration Dept had just been implemented here. So everything need to be

Continue reading "Autocad License Missing"

Attached PDF Not Printing

I imported a PDF drawing. It shows in preview, but does not plot. It is not on a non-plot layer. I am using it as a background drawing. Please help.

Continue reading "Attached PDF Not Printing"

Disappearance of Drawing During Zooming

My drawing has just disappeared when I was zooming out and I even tried to zoom in but completely remained in disappearance. However if I check on print

Continue reading "Disappearance of Drawing During Zooming"

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    Great resource for downloading free AutoCAD hatch patterns.

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