Tiny House Floor Plans

"Small Home Floor Plans for Pre-built or DIY Tiny Houses"

Tiny house floor plans are in high demand due to those looking for blueprints to build a cabin, build a small house in the backyard, or even become more environmentally friendly by building with less materials.

Some small house floor plans are also ideal for those looking to construct a small home that can be moved around, or relocated, easily.

Many of these tiny homes can also be purchased "ready made".

Handy do-it-yourselfers can also use a set of blueprints to build a small home themselves.

The 2 or 3 bedroom B - 53 Small House - As seen below, with an optional 3 bedroom addition, these small home floor plans are to be used to build a permanent structure that cannot be moved (unlike some other tiny houses).

This home is on the larger side, as far as small houses go, and the estimated constructions costs range between $100 and $200 / sq. ft.

Looking for customized plans?  Contact us for custom tiny house floor plans.

Here are some additional descriptions for some of the tiny house floor blueprints.

small home floor plans

Bodega Small Home Floor Plans - At 261 square feet (or 356 sq.ft. for an add on bedroom), this tiny home has a bathroom, kitchen, great room with a fireplace and an optional  loft for sleeping quarters.  At 18'-4" tall, this small house is designed to stay in one place.  It's construction materials are estimated at around $22.5 K, for the 261 s.f. version, and approximately $31K, for the 256 s.f. model.

Enesti Small House Floor Plans - While still considered a smaller home, these tiny house floor plans accommodate 681 and 774 sq. ft. homes.  You have the option of choosing a 2 or 3 bedroom set of house plans.  Speaking with local contractors will give you a good idea of what this small house costs to build.  This house requires a foundation as it is a permanent residence, and the estimated costs range between $100 to $200 / s.f. to build.

Epu Tiny House Floor Plans - A truly tiny house indeed.  At just 8 feet by 15 feet (89 square feet!), you can enjoy this small home already built, for just under $46K, or if you are a do-it-yourselfer, construct it for just under $20K.  The pre-built small house comes with a bright living room (with a built in desk), a kitchen, a loft bedroom and a bathroom.  A great little house for 2 people!

tiny house floor plans

Fencl Small House Designs - With vaulted ceilings, pine interior, stainless steel counters, this 130 square foot very small house is ready to go at just under $54,000.  Or, make the house yourself for approximately $23K.  This tiny home has plenty of windows in the front that provide a bright living area, where you cam also enjoy the warmth from the stainless steel fireplace.  The Fencl comes with a kitchen, loft bedroom and a bathroom.  No foundation for this one; a 7 foot by 18' utility trailer is required.

Harbinger Tiny Home Floor Plans - At a cozy 297 s.f., this is a smaller home that has been designed to be used as a permanent residence, and will therefore require a foundation.  The tiny house floor plans include a kitchen, bathroom, main room, sitting room nook area (can be used as a sleeping area) and a 6'x6' fron porch.  There is also a loft for sleeping and an optional 1 bedroom addition is also available.

Loring Small Floor Plans - This 261 sq ft small bungalow has a few options.  You decide if you would like a loft sleeping area or a vaulted ceiling. 

Lusby Small Home Floor Plans - At just 117 s.f., this tiny home is one that can be moved around.  Buy it already built for just under 50K or build it yourself for just over 21K.

New Vessica Small Plans - 278 square feet, or with an optional lower bedroom, 372 square feet, this is a small home that is a permanent structure.

Free Tiny Home Floor Plans - Grab a set of free small home floor plans here.

Sebastarosa Small House Blueprints - At 681 or  774 sq. ft., this is one of the "larger" small homes.

Tarleton Small Home Blue Prints - Another moveable small home that is 117 square feet. Purchase it pre-built for just shy of  $50,000 or you can construct the tiny home for approximately $21,000.

Book on Tiny House Floor Plans - Get the small house plan book containing 22 smaller home blueprints that you can construct yourself.

Weebee Tiny Home Plans - Just 102 square feet!  Check out this 8' X 15' small house.

Whidbey 1 and 2 Bedroom Small House Blueprints

XS Tiny House Floor Plans - The smallest house of the set... 65 sq. ft.!  From these tiny house floor plans you can get a prebuilt small home at just under $39,000 or do-it-yourself for $16,000.

Z Glass Small House Blue Prints - A 392 square foot (14' X 28') small house.

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