Computer Aided Drafting Career Information

Obtaining computer aided drafting career information is your first step to determining whether a job as a drafts-person is for you.

We receive questions ranging from "what are the best recommended online CAD training resources"... to "what is the expected salary range of an AutoCAD drafter or designer".

Hopefully, this page will help answer some of those questions for you.

As a full-fledged CAD service bureau, the principals of our team here at, are quite pleased with our career choices.

After all, it is what we LOVE to do!

If you enjoy drawing, and working with computers, then you have passed the first hurdle and should definitely pursue more information about CAD careers.

Where to Get CAD Training

The first place to start is to find a qualified CAD school training facility

For those of you who prefer the independent route, there are many websites that offer computer assisted drafting training. You can learn from the comfort of your home.

Please be careful of your choices here, as not all e-learning centers are created equal.

Spend some time on Google and narrow down your best choices based on company reputation, references, accreditation, price and course outline.

We have also compiled a list of free AutoCAD tutorials.

Find an Authorized Autodesk Training Center

Another excellent place to look is an authorized Autodesk training center. These training centers should have mounds of AutoCAD career info.

Visit an authorized Autodesk training center for computer aided drafting career information.

Community College AutoCAD Training

Many community colleges offer AutoCAD training and other types of CAD degree training programs.

Disciplines such as civil engineering, architectural technology and interior design, are just a few examples of programs that offer computer aided drafting as part of their course criteria.

These community colleges should also promote individual courses in CAD drafting and design.

AutoCAD Salary Survey: What are Your Peers Making?

If you are interested in finding out more about CAD salaries, the AUGI (Autodesk User Group International) has compiled a salary survey which currently includes international data as well.

You will be able to find out the annual CAD compensation broken down by Field/Industry, Job Function, Employee Benefits, Company Size, Age, Gender, Years of Experience, Education Level and Hours Worked in a Week.

This information is invaluable to you in your quest for computer aided drafting career information.

Join Your Professional Association

Other great CAD career resources include professional associations.

Once trained, many CAD technicians and technologists join associations that may offer them professional designations and other group benefits.

Being a member in a professional association can also benefit individuals with the ability to network the large resources often tied to the organization; making contacts and job search easier to do among a large group of peers.

Community colleges can also often provide information on how to join your professional association.

Hopefully, we have further sparked your CAD career interest just a bit more... and you're off to check out our recommendations for computer aided drafting career information.

Good luck in your Search.

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