AutoCAD 2011 Express Tools

by Corry Walters
(South Africa)

AutoCAD Express tools in Version 2011. A viewport can be rotated if the system variable VPROTATEASSOC = 1.

When converting lines to polylines try this
PEDITACCEPT = 1 (Notice you are not asked whether you wish to do the conversion.)


XLIST : lists block name, colour, type and layer.

NCOPY : copies objects nested in an x-ref or block.

BTRIM : trims elements to selected nested elements in a block. (the normal trim command now does this too).

BEXTEND : as above but extends (the normal extend command now does this too)

ATTOUT : exports attribute data to a notepad in tab-delimited ASCII format.

ATTIN : imports the txt file (attribute data)
BURST : explodes blocks, converts attribute values to text objects.

BLOCK TO XREF : replaces all instances of a standard block with an x-ref.

BLOCK REPLACE : replace all inserts of one block with another.

PSBSCALE : update or set the scale of a block relative to paper space.

BSCALE : scales a block insert from it’s insertion point.

BCOUNT : displays the number of insertions of each block in a drawing or selection.

BLOCK : lists the objects in a block definition.


RTEXT : Remote text

RTEDIT : edit remote text.

TEXTFIT : on providing the text one could ‘squeeze’ text to fit within a define space.

TEXTMASK : paints a mask behind selected dtext or mtext – offset value can be adjusted to suit.

TEXTUNMASK : removes the mask

TXTEXP : explodes dtext/mtext into geometry.

TEXT2MTEXT : converts dtext to mtext.

ARCTEXT : places text along an arc.

TORIENT : aligns dtext, mtext and attribute objects to a new alignment/orientation.

TJUST : changes a text object’s justification without changing it’s position. (dtext, mtext and attribute data)

TCIRCLE : places a circle, slot or rectangle around each selected dtext/mtext objects.

TCOUNT : numbering to text objects – prefix, suffix or replacement text.

TCASE : changes the case of selected text objects/dim text/attribute objects.

PSTSCALE : paper space text scaling (height specified).

TSCALE : scales text/mtext/attrib. Objects (scale factor)


ALIGNSPACE : adjusts VP zoom factor, aligns to 2 given points in paper space.

LAYOUTMERGE: merges/combines selected layouts into current layout.

VPSCALE : displays a clear translation of the scale of selected VP.

VPSYNC : merges 1 or more VP(s) with master VP taking it’s scale factor.


DIMEX : exports named dim styles, settings to an external file.

DIMIN : imports named dim styles (see above) into the current drawing.

DIMREASSOC : restores a measurement value to overridden or modified text.

QLATTACH : attaches leader line to text or block.

QLATTACHSET : gobally attaches leader lines to mtext or blocks.

QLDETACHSET : detaches leader lines from mtext etc.


FASTSELECT : creates a selection set of objects which touch selected object. FSMODE for on or off.


MSTRETCH : allows multiple crossing windows or CP to be specified for a single stretch operation.

MOCORO : moves, copies, rotates within a single command.

CLIPIT : clips to circles (arcs, x-refs, images).

EXOFFSET: offset with several options, layer control and multiple options. SHIFT WHILE SPECIFING A SIDE acts as a multiple option selecting new option.

EXOFFSET : CTRL WHILE SPECIFING A SIDE erases the original object.

COPYM : copies multiple objects with repeat, array, divide, measure options.

CDORDER : arranges the draw order of objects by colour number.

OVERKILL : removes duplicates and combines line and arc segments which overlap.

FLATTEN : converts 3D geometry to 2D.






QQUIT : closes all open drawings and exits.

REDIR : redefines paths in x-refs, images, styles and remote text.

REDIRMODE : see above.


REVERT : closes and re-opens current drawing.

PLT2DWG : converts plt files to dwg.

SAVEALL : saves all open drawings.

RTUCS : rotates UCS dynamically with mouse.

SYSVDLG : edit system variables.

EXTRIM : trims all objects at the selected cutting edge.

MPEDIT : like PEDIT but with multiple pline capabilities, convert lines, arcs to pline.

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