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The CAD Times", Issue #021 -- AutoCAD Layer Filters, XREF's & XCLIP
November 23, 2010

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Using Layer Filters in AutoCAD

I typically try to keep my layers to a minimum but on occasion I get a little overloaded with the layers.  Using Layer Filters can be very useful when trying to find a single layer in the midst of many.  Click here for more on AutoCAD Layer Filters.


Using XREFs in AutoCAD

How many times have you been working for weeks on a project and you finally think you have it completed?  You have everything just right, checked and double checked.  Imagine that this project is very large and has many sheets of floor plans, enlarged floor plans, mechanical plans, and plumbing plans…etc... the client call you just before you hit “plot”... Read the rest of the Using XREF's tip here.


The AutoCAD XCLIP Command

Say you want to load a floor plan.  We are going to want to use this floor plan as an “enlarged plan”, so we will insert it so that when it prints it will be ¼” = 1’-0”.  We already know that the plan will just fit on a sheet at 1/8” so how do we expect to do an enlarged plan and use XREFs?  Click here to read more about using the XCLIP command in AutoCAD.

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Remove XREF Path in AutoCAD?
by Jim, Melbourne, Australia

Q. I'm not sure why some firms add an XREF path to their drawings, when they know the drawings will be sent to another firm, but it's driving me crazy...

A. Click here to read the answer...

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