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Sample CAD Drawings

"Not Every AutoCAD Drawing Conversion is Created Equally"

On this page you'll find one of our sample CAD drawings. If you are looking for a specific type of CAD drawing, to give you an example of our work, please let us know.

We converted this original old blueprint of a building, from scan format, to a professional CAD drawing, using AutoCAD.

But HOW we converted the scan, is what is important.

Original As-built Drawing:

original as-built drawing

Converted to this Professional AutoCAD Drawing:

Sample CAD Drawings

When converting paper drawing hard copies into AutoCAD files it is important to make certain that no information is lost along the way.

Unfortunately, all too often, CAD conversion companies offer quick raster to vector conversions that use software to reproduce the paper drawing to CAD format.  There prices are often cheap because there isn't much effort required to make a conversion this way.  But as they say, you get what you pay for.

When we convert an original paper blueprint, we first have it scanned into a raster format, such as a .JPG or .TIFF file.  From there every detail of the original drawing is MANUALLY drawn in AutoCAD by a skilled draftsperson.

By placing the scanned image of the original drawing into AutoCAD, our drafting team can manually trace over the file.  This way, the CAD technician can check that the buildings dimensions are in line with the original blue print scan.

Small changes can be then made during the paper to CAD drafting services procedure, to ensure the drawing file will be produced accurately.

If raster to vector software was used, instead of manually creating the drawings in AutoCAD, there is the potential for drawing errors that would later need to be corrected manually.

The in-house cost to convert a large set of scans into AutoCAD format can be quite expensive, do to overhead expenses, employee benefits, etc.  When you use our paper to CAD drafting services you can save your company money.

What Our Experienced CAD Drawing Team Can Do:

  • Convert large quantities of original blueprints to professional AutoCAD files
  • Schedule on demand quick turn around timelines
  • Produce quality work at reasonable prices

All paper to CAD conversion projects are completed manually to ensure the accuracy of the final product.

Request More Sample CAD Drawings

The above is just one example of our sample AutoCAD plans.  If you let us know the type of sample AutoCAD drawings you are interested in, we'll be glad to send you some.

Check out what our clients are saying about our CAD services.

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