Free AutoCAD Hatch Patterns

"Thanks for the Free CAD Hatch Resources!"

A good set of free AutoCAD hatch patterns should be a part of every CAD user's.

A great time saver, using CAD hatch patterns can make your work "stand out" by differentiating project materials and giving your drawings a professional edge.

In addition to the standard hatch patterns supplied with AutoCAD, there are several sites worth mentioning that offer some great AutoCAD hatch patterns, at no charge.

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AutoCAD Hatch Patterns

For your convenience, here is a list of sites containing free CAD hatch patterns that we have found useful:

CAD Hatch - Why pay for hatch patterns?  This site has more than 300 free hatch patterns to download; organized into categories of wood, stonework, brick, roof tile, trees, gravel, vegetation and many other types of hatch patterns.
Free to use AutoCAD Hatch Patterns.

CAD Corner Canada - Various hatch patterns including brick patterns, wood, stone, flag stone, parquet floor hatch patterns, roof styles, and more.  Definitely worth checking out.

CAD Block Exchange Network
Free Symbols, Hatch Textures (Scroll down to Hatch Textures on left navigation bar), Construction Details and More. Good CAD people blocks and other free CAD library resources as well.

Free AutoCAD Hatch Patterns from Etecad
CadSlide. A Perfect Solution for Managing AutoCAD Slide/Libraries and HatchPatterns.
(Free hatch patterns near bottom of page)

Hatch Patterns from DotSoft
Nice variety of hatch styles. Includes thumbnails of what each pattern is, so you know what you are downloading. Not as big of a hatch pattern selection as some of the others above, but still helpful nonetheless.

A Quick Video About Creating Custom Hatch Patterns

Also check out:

Couldn't find what you were looking for? Try these tips to create your own AutoCAD hatch patterns.

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