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"How to draw house blueprints using FREE CAD Software"

Looking for information on how to draw house plans?  You're not alone. We have been receiving an overwhelming number of requests from our visitors for drawing house plans software.

Being that drawing blueprints is what we do, I usually recommend that hiring our professional drafting services, would be their best bet.

It is easy enough for a client to give us an idea of what they are looking for by faxing or e-mailing their sketches or magazine photos that are similar to the look they are trying to achieve with their new house.

Nevertheless, there are many do-it-yourselfers (DIY'ers) out there looking to tackle the task of drawing their very own set of home blue prints.  I respect that as I am one to want to do most things myself, as well.

One very direct e-mail I received from a do-it-yourselfer home designer / builder / foreman, simply stated, "I want to draw my own house plans, please help."

The e-mail went on to say that it has been a long standing dream of his to design his own set of home plans and to build his dream home for his family with the help of a few sub-contractors.

Who am I to stand in the way of someone's dreams ; )

draw house plans
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This fellow just needed some help trying to figure out which architectural drawing software program was the best and easiest to use and maybe even enable him to draw house plans free of charge.

I wished the DIY'er all the best, and proceeded to recommend that he look through the list of CAD drafting programs that we already had listed on our site.

I thought it best that he review each one on his own to get a feel for which home plan software would suit his needs.

I also let him know that if he runs into any problems, while learning how to draw house-plans, that our CAD services would be here for him to help touch things up or to completely redesign, if need be.

I haven't heard from him since... so assume he found what he needed.

If you are a DIY'er looking to draw your own house plans, have a look at the draw house plans with free software page I recommended to our friend above.

You'll notice several architectural drawing software programs on there as well.

If you find a useful house plan software program that suits your needs, I'd appreciate it if you would let us know.

So I'll wish you all the best with YOUR quest of drawing house plans, and ask that if you need some professional drafting help please don't hesitate to contact us.

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