AutoCAD Student Edition

"Get a Free Copy of AutoCAD's Student Version!"

The AutoCAD student edition software program is a free download for students, teachers and previously employed CAD operators from the AEC field.

This is also great news for those with many years experience in the CAD design field who are currently not employed.

You may be able to apply to the Autodesk Assistance Program to use the student edition to keep your skills current and up-to-date.

More information about AutoCAD for student's eligibility is available when you join the Autodesk Education Community, which you will need to do before being able to access the AutoCAD for students free software link.

The AutoCAD student edition program, that can be downloaded directly to your computer, is identical to the full-blown AutoCAD program that is used by architects, engineers and designers from across the globe, so you know you will be learning and practicing the latest CAD tricks and techniques using the same software as your future employers.

Keep in mind that to be considered a student you must be enrolled in a recognized educational institution.

When you sign up with Autodesk, you will be prompted for the name of your school, and if it's not already listed, you should be able to add yours.

Once you have downloaded the AutoCAD student version program to your hard drive, you will be able to use this powerful CAD design product, for learning purposes, for up to 3 years.

The latest edition of AutoCAD, as well as two previous releases, should be available for you to access.

Also remember that you will need to let Autodesk know every year that you are still an active AutoCAD student or teacher in order to keep your free CAD software active.

Teachers should also be aware that the student edition is not to be used for classroom training purposes.

Educational institutions will need to acquire specific training licenses from Autodesk.

Autodesk's efforts to limit the use of their student edition for non-commercial use, and for educational purposes only, can be seen when attempting to print a drawing.

A watermark is usually plotted on the hardcopy drawing that indicates something similar to: "PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT".

The watermark will also be seen when attempting to plot to different file outputs, such as PDF files.

Visit here to sign-up and get access to the free AutoCAD student edition.

If you are not a student and would like to get a copy of AutoCAD, and several other Autodesk products, be sure to check out this free AutoCAD download that is good for 30 days as a trial.

Unfamiliar with AutoCAD but would like to learn how to use the program? Check out these free AutoCAD tutorials.

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