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1 Amazing (yet simple) Way a Client Can Find YOU
September 01, 2015

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1 Amazing (yet simple) Way a Client Can Find YOU

As a freelancer, a lot of your time can be spent looking for new CAD contracts, projects and work.

Banging on doors, cold calls, preparing proposals, and faxing out your CV are all a part of the self-employed lifestyle.

But there is a way to have potential clients, that are looking for CAD workers, find YOU.

Once you are setup, this becomes a passive task for you on auto-pilot.

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AutoCAD Questions and Answers Section

AutoCAD Text Over Hatch Disappears?

I've created my (solid pattern) hatch in model space.

When I'm in paper space and drag text over the hatch pattern, the text disappears.

I've tried commands:

'Bring to Front'

'Bring over Objects'

Is there a toggle, or something that can make the text visible?

Thanks for your help.

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