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Relayering Drawings & New 2012 Tutorials
June 21, 2011

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The CAD Times

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Relayering AutoCAD Drawings

Learn how relayering AutoCAD drawings can save you time and money.  You all know that drawing; the one you receive from a client or another firm that is such a mess that it would almost be easier to redraw the whole thing, ALMOST. Read the rest of the "Relayering AutoCAD Drawings" article...


New AutoCAD 2012 Tutorials

Brian Benton has just released his new series of AutoCAD 2012 video tutorials.  Learn the latest tips and tricks for Autodesk's newest release of AutoCAD by walking through the tutorials step-by-step.  Apply what you have learned using the projects at the end of each chapter.  Check out 15 free demos of the AutoCAD 2012 Tutorials by visiting here.


Free CAD Design Software

Check out this in depth list of free computer-aided design software programs on the market today.  Be sure to join in the reviews and let us know your favorites and any good programs that you would like to recommend.  Read the entire list of "Free CAD Programs" here and join in with your own reviews.

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Changing Associative Dimensions to Non-Associative

Q. I am working on an older existing AutoCAD drawing, now in AutoCAD Mechanical 2011. When I erase one dimension in the middle of a row/stack of dimensions, all the existing dimensions snap down into the erased gap. Do you know how to make it stop doing this?

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