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The CAD Times, Issue #011 - Free CAD Stuff and Isolate Object
June 20, 2007

The CAD Times

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The CAD Times

Q. What are some of the things all CAD users must have?

A. AutoCAD blocks and AutoCAD hatch patterns.

We recommend you bookmark the following links to these great free AutoCAD blocks and hatch pattern resources:

Free AutoCAD Blocks

We have compiled, what we believe, to be an excellent list of resources for you to download free AutoCAD blocks.

There is bound to be something you or your company can use from these top symbol sites.

Furniture, trees, cars and more… visit the free AutoCAD blocks links here.

Free AutoCAD Hatch Patterns

Hatch patterns are another great CAD necessity to sharpen the look of your professional drawings.

You can never have enough hatch patterns in your library, and, since they are free… have a look at these links to see what you can use.

Visit the free AutoCAD hatch patterns links here.

Free AutoCAD Weld Symbols

Ok, I know, these are blocks as well… but we have received several e-mails from our visitors (you know who you are) specifically requesting AutoCAD weld symbols.

So, to save you from searching the block sites… here’s a short list of links to free AutoCAD weld symbols.

Tip of the Month - Reader’s Corner

James Turner from Turner Diversified Services has submitted the following tip:

Isolate Object

Has anyone noticed the light bulb at the lower right corner of your screen in R2005 or later? This is the Isolate Objects icon. This is one of the greatest tools that has been added to AutoCAD in my estimation. Where it really helps me, is working on 3d models. This tool allows you to isolate any object or objects, not by layer but by the objects themselves. For instance when working on a complex 3d model sometimes just isolating the layer still leaves a jumble of lines to try and sort through to pick what I need. With this tool, I can choose just the object I’m dealing with and everything else is out of site and out of mind. Give it a try, you’ll love it.

We hope you found this months newsletter helpful!

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