Finding CAD Jobs

Since the start of the financial crisis, inquires and resumes for CAD jobs have been received by our HR department on a daily basis.

Many are looking to earn extra income to supplement their wages, due to their work hours being reduced.

While others, who have been flat out laid off, are seeking CAD drafting jobs, and even cad manager jobs, that can be done from home.

It's sad really, to hear how so many have been affected.  But when times get tough, those that think outside the box will have a better chance of surviving.

Understanding the CAD industry, as it pertains to both offline and online design and drafting jobs, is critical to plan your attack.

Work at home CAD career seekers were a dime a dozen before the financial meltdown, and now with so many seeking home based CAD designer jobs, the online drafting employment industry is over saturated.

So what is one to do?


Find out what every one else is doing RIGHT, and then do it a little differently or better.

If your plan is to simply offer drafting services to online CAD recruiters, you may find yourself in for some tough competition.

This is not to imply that working for a CAD service bureau isn't feasible; on the contrary.

After all, the beauty of many technology jobs is that they can be done through online telecommuting arrangements.

To name a few; software jobs, programming work, mechanical engineering jobs, headhunter careers, CAD manager jobs and architectural computer design and drafting jobs are all positions that can be accomplished via telecommute work.

A CAD work from home partnership is no different.

"Home working CAD jobs" are doable, but not necessarily easy to come by.

Searching offline and online classifieds for careers in the AEC industry is a start.

But keep in mind, searching is not the end all and you may be limiting yourself to the possibilities available on the internet.

In your quest to find companies, firms, employers and do-it-yourselfer builders, looking to outsource cad drafting jobs, remember this:

At any point in time during your CAD job search, there are ALWAYS opportunities available that match your skills and experience.

This statement is important for two reasons.

  1. It will help you from getting discouraged during your search.

  2. You will be able to better "brainstorm" ways of narrowing down CAD drafting jobs, knowing that someone out there is looking for YOU.

Let's revisit where I talked about providing your CAD services "a little differently or better".

Consider this:

If  those looking for CADD jobs are SEARCHING via online avenues, what can you do differently or better to find CAD work?

My suggestion is simple.

Let the engineering, architectural, manufacturing and CAD companies search for YOU.

That's right.  Have them come to you.  Simple suggestion indeed, but one that requires a bit more effort than searching the net and submitting resumes.

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