Auto CAD Jobs

Finding CAD Designer Jobs in today's Market

We receive many inquiries and resumes concerning Auto CAD jobs every week.

While we occasionally have openings for professional CAD drafter jobs, we are usually fully staffed unless otherwise posted on this web page.

We do however recommend checking out several of the online CAD drafting jobs resource sites.

Providing a freelance online CAD drawing service to companies that contract out AutoCAD work takes a certain type of dedicated animal.

If you enjoy long hours, demanding deadlines and working for yourself, then undertaking AutoCAD opportunities online may be for you.

If you have your own small office setup; with a CAD workstation, CAD software, phone, fax and internet connection, you have the potential to offer your freelance CAD drawing services to many clients that visit online freelance project sites every week searching for experienced hard working CAD designers and drafters such as yourself.

Online jobs available can range from AutoCAD designer jobs to CAD manager jobs.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit various online "freelance project" sites, such as, and search for available CAD projects that may interest you.
  2. You can sign-up for a membership to see what projects are available, and to bid on AutoCAD jobs.

    You can also find other freelance CAD work sites by doing a search that looks something like this...

    (sample only, use your favorite search engine)

  3. Most sites require that you Register as a service provider and some charge a small fee.

    Each site is different so be sure to read the guidelines carefully.
  4. Many sites require that you place a Bid on the contract work that you are interested in.

    This helps ensure that the Client is receiving a fair price.
  5. The clients will review your bid and determine whether you and your bid are appropriate for their needs.

  6. Client awards the bid within specified time period.
This is a great way to look for CAD contracts at very reasonable rates.

Good luck in your search for contract AutoCAD jobs.

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