Finding an Auto CAD Course

Offline CAD Classes or Online CAD Training?

Undertaking an Auto CAD course is the first step for smart career seekers of computer aided drafting jobs.

Depending on the CAD discipline one chooses to enter into, a CAD designer can make some pretty decent money; usually doing what he/she loves to do... draw!

Where to Start

Whether you want to draw house plans or draw airplanes for a living, your first step needs to be to find a good CAD school to get you started.

Since many engineering and architectural firms use the AutoCAD program, attending CAD classes at an accredited Auto CAD school is one of the top choices of CAD students.

Although there are many different CAD software programs available in the computer aided design marketplace, AutoCAD remains one of the top drafting and design programs that is used by companies from various disciplines, on a global basis.

Do your research and check with various AEC firms to see what CAD drafting programs they are using.

So where does one begin to look for a goo AutoCAD training program?

Well for starters, it is recommended to get your CAD certification through an accredited educational institution.

There are many AutoCAD courses available online, some even offer free Auto CAD course tutorials, but that does not necessarily mean that your potential employer will take you seriously if the Auto-CAD course you take is from an unrecognized training source.

A quick search for "accredited online Auto CAD schools" may bring up the most recent online AutoCAD courses.

Get CAD Experience, Too

For the most part though, potential CAD employers and agencies are looking for experienced CAD workers to undertake their CAD drafting jobs.

Many times, an individual that has acquired drafting experience via on-the-job training, and has several years AutoCAD experience, may be chosen over a recent graduate of an accredited program from a CAD school or college.  Experience, for the most part, will probably take precedence with many employers with respect to Auto CAD jobs.

A CAD drafter or designer that has achieved both accredited CAD training and has some experience under his/her belt, will have the best of both worlds.

Some AutoCAD job seekers will go so far as to work for free for a few months in order to obtain the necessary experience to land in demand CAD jobs.

This is advantageous to both the CAD worker and CAD company as it not only gives the inexperienced CAD drafter a chance to obtain hands on real worldAutoCAD experience, but it also gives the potential employer a chance to evaluate the CAD drafter / designer at no risk.

When a CAD student that has recently graduated from an Auto-CAD course uses this technique to gain experience with AutoCAD, it also shows the potential CAD firm that the CAD operator is a go-getter and is willing to think outside of the box, so to speak.

Don't Rule Out Community Colleges

Another way to be sure the Auto CAD course training program you are considering is accredited, is to contact a local community college that provides the AutoCAD course.  By simply speaking with the program director of the Auto CAD course, you will be able to verify its validity.

Many CAD training seminars can be taken at these colleges on a part time basis, enabling the future CAD worker to learn AutoCAD while continuing current employment opportunities.

Again, when considering getting a computer aided drafting degree, be sure the Auto CAD course you are taking into consideration is an accredited one and that also you try to obtain as much hands on experience with an engineering, architectural or CAD firm as you can.

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