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Getting Paid What You Are Worth (the Easy Way)
August 04, 2015

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Getting Paid What You Are Worth (the Easy Way)

(“Fortune favours the bold.”)

It can be a daunting task to ask your employer or client for an increase in your CAD salary or rates.

You can be left feeling a little uncomfortable just thinking about the experience, but don't let that stop you.

As you gain experience and become more productive, the appropriate compensation should follow.

Find out how to get paid what you are worth, the simple way...

AutoCAD Questions and Answers Section

Can you add pictures into AutoCAD, and control the scale properties?

Basically, I was told that you can take a picture of lets say, a piece of drilling equipment. Upload it into Autocad , scale it to whatever you wish, edit it, and know all the measurements without actually measuring the entire thing.


My colleague just measured one side, and uploaded the picture and found out all the other dimensions, without needing to sketch out on the field, and/or waste time measuring it, by just knowing that one dimension. He did mention something about line art I believe.

Unfortunately he is no longer working here, but I believe it would be essential to learn how to do.

Is this possible in AutoCAD 2012? If so, how?

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