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How to Start a Profitable Home Based CAD Business + More
June 11, 2015

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How to Start a Profitable Home Based CAD Business (from Scratch)

(Photo: Working on the new ThinkPad from the home office)

Breaking the 9-5 commute may seem like a dream to many CAD operators, but I have good news.

YOU can work from home doing what you love on your own terms and I'm going to show you how.

80% of the computer drafting and design jobs available to telecommuters, freelancers, and home based CAD companies are not advertised.

Find out the secrets to landing these highly sought after CAD projects, new clients and much more.

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AutoCAD Questions and Answers Section

Non-Coplanar Lines

Q. When trying to fillet some lines in a drawing, I keep getting the response in the command line " lines are non-coplanar".

I also tried new lines from pick points and redrew.

Still would not fillet and got same response.

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