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Burst, Trim & Extend and More
April 20, 2010

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The CAD Times

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AutoCAD's Burst Command

AutoCAD's Burst is another very useful command. There have been many times when I get drawing from a client where they have used a lot of attributes... Click here to read more about "AutoCAD – Burst Command"

Extend and Trim - Improve Your Productivity

AutoCAD's Trim and Extend is another option that I use all the time. I love this option. When AutoCAD first came out these were two separate commands... Click here to read more about "AutoCAD Trim and Extend"


Free Fashion Design Software

Download these free fashion design software programs that will help you create clothing, garments and a wide range of accessories... Click here to read more info on "Free Fashion Design Software"


Visitor Comments

AutoCAD LT Does What I Need

I've used AutoCAD 2004 for quite some time at a building contracting firm. I never had the need to use all of the CAD program's features, such as 3D modeling or rendering... Click here to read more about "AutoCAD LT Dows What I Need"


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Q. How do I make a view port have a 90deg view while the drawing in model space remains the same?

A. Click here to read the answer for adjusting AutoCAD viewports...

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